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   Earth native Dan Price has been creating art since 1980 and living the simple life for over 20 years.  On this site you will see his many photographs made over a 10-year career in photojournalism, various short films made about his unique lifestyle, his many books and magazines created while on   journeys, photos of his underground hobbit-style home and other items of interest. Please note that the availability of magazines and books will be limited to what is in stock. Check the status of each item and order only between the months of May and October, as he spends each winter surfing in Hawaii.   He is now passionately putting together a Podcast for all his fans called Sound Journal, which features his home made music, interesting telephone conversations and bits of sound captured on a small digital recorder that he carries in his pocket. Dan thanks all of you for the support you have offered over the years. Your help has made it possible for him to continue exploring the world to document all things cool and to share them with you. This latest adventure of sound collecting will be shared once a month or more, depending on how often the surf is up or he can get all the sounds put together in a reasonable fashion. Sound is everywhere. You just have to open your ears enough to hear it.
When ordering, please make checkS out to Dan Price. All Moonlight Chronicle Magazines are $5 each. Please add a nominal fee to your order to cover postage. Chronicle Headquarters PO Box 109, Joseph, OR 97846. PAYpAL COMING SOON.

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